Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am Back!

Hello folks! It feels like centuries ago since my last post but it has been hectic around here with John starting back at work, finishing up the living room makeover, me and the flu, etc etc. I have a boring list of excuses!

Today, I finally feel a lot better, so I thought I would do a few things. :)

I painted door trim and took fanciful pictures of stuff... I can't help it.

And, Whitney and I finally finished her french memo board! John and I felt bad that she had to wait because none of our hardware stores in town had a 2' x 2' piece of ply wood in stock, so we picked her up one at Lowes last night and voila!!! Instant happy girl!!! :)

And here's Foozie and Mr Peapers with their cat-nipped toys. If you don't know what catnip is and what it does to cats, it's like crack! It makes them crazy. John and I enjoy getting them all doped up and watching them go all nuts running around the house.

Laters gators!

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