Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Hello everyone! I thought I would pop in and a drop a happy note before I go on with the rest of my day. I am once again alone on this very beautiful Tuesday because my really awesome husband has percussion rehearsal. But that's not what we are talking about today. I am getting ready to tell you HOW AWESOME MY HUSBAND IS. A word of caution though, I will be using the word 'awesome' and every word synonymous to the same... because that's just the way he is. He is all kinds of awesome in my eyes.

Every time I gripe or whine about something or someone, he is always the first one to say I am nuts or I am being whiny or something to that effect. He isn't one of those that will take my side just because he is my Husband, he is supposed to play Superman. Many times [mostly, when I am being really selfish] I have gotten mad at him for being this way, but more than many times have I also thanked God because he is this way! This John quality has kept me grounded.

When he knows I am right about something, and he feels like I should fight for what I believe in, he doesn't fight my battles for me. He doesn't go all over town telling people how bad I have been treated, or how awesome I am and my thoughts. He stands right behind me, lets me deal with the situation the way I feel I should, and stands close enough to where if I fall, he can catch me and tell me, "Let's go. People are stupid."

My friends are his friends, but he has his own friends... I love my husband and I love spending time with him and I sure enjoy that we have mutual friends, but I also love that he has other friends to talk to that are outside that big friendly bubble. He has his own music crowd. I have my own crafting circle. Even with our mutual friends, there are moments when we all hang out as couples, sometimes, all the boys go together, and the girls do their own thing... This has given us a good balance. And I thank God because he isn't one of those dudes that will limit my friending capabilities because he just wants me to be friends with the people he is familiar with.

He is jealous. He gets really jealous [gives me the look of death kind of jealous] when I say the awesome truth that YADI is a Hottie. I love that about him. If my husband wouldn't keep check of himself and making sure that he is contributing to our marriage as much as I am, I don't know if John and I would've made it during our first year together. Our first year of being married, we have spent living in two different countries, half a world apart. Trust me, if John isn't the jealous type that he is, I may have already ran off with someone else. This John quality always reminds me that he is the way he is because he cannot imagine life without me so I better not screw up this beautiful thing that's going on here. :)

By jealous, I don't mean like the lock-me-in-the-closet-because-he-doesn't-want-any-other-man-than- himself-to-see-me kind of jealous. If it were so, you would've already seen me at the Lifetime Movie Network movie called, "MY WIFE IN THE CLOSET" and I would've been already a millionaire and have my own reality show. But no, I am still clipping coupons to save money and John still has his genitals intact. : ) 

I admire his patience and his ability to look at things differently even if it goes against what he hears, thinks and sees. In other words, he has an appreciation for people and things. My husband is an intelligent man. He has this genius in him that sees beyond the clutter and I mean this literally and non-literally. We bought our house not because we loved it, but because soon as John first stepped into this house, he already saw what it's going to be like [after he has done to it what he likes]. We got out house from a foreclosure, so there was no telling what was done to it prior to us finding out about it. But he saw through all the paneling, the old nasty carpet and the totally crappy kitchen.

Take a look at my craft room!!! It is a result of this great trait...


Our whole house used to look like this


Our whole house is getting close to looking like this. Give him a few months, and I will show you some more pics.

Now, do you believe me? What [UN-awesome] husband will put his expensive music equipment down in the basement just so I could have a room to store my $15 stamps? He spent hours and hours learning tricks for home makeovers and learning how to use tools to make the job easy. Yes, people I married a person who is all kinds of awesome. 

He is a great friend. Not only to me, but to all his other friends. I have not seen anyone who will lose sleep thinking about a broken-hearted friend... He is one of those people that will try and try and try to make things look better, make funny faces and sometimes will just sit there and cry with you so you feel better. I think he is sooo kind and really generous with his time, people abuse it sometimes. It aggravates me that he just lets people walk all over him sometimes... but like him, I do not get in the middle of anything [as long as I know that he is handling it and he could still take the beating.]

The list of awesomeness goes on and on and on. I don't know if I can say this enough, but John is a heaven-sent. I tell ya, I know I am one lucky duck!!! Not every wife out there can say [the things I just mentioned] about their husbands. 

My cup runneth over.

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