Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Makes You Smile?

Do you know what makes you smile? This week, I found what makes me smile and what makes John smile. I didn't set out on a mission looking for the answers this week, it dawned on me as we were living, and doing the usual. 

All week, I have been obsessing over wanting to buy cherries because it is one of those fruits that I don't really like to eat but I enjoy looking at them. They are so pretty. :) So I looked for an excuse to buy them... JOHN! He loves cherry everything. So i brought a 3 lb bag from the produce market, made hand cherry pies with them and took a million photos with the rest. And that's how I found what makes me smile, and in the process I found what makes my husband smile. John is easy, everything I bake makes  him smile, makes him happy.

I found that color makes me smile, and the fact that when light hits a subject, it makes it even more pleasurable to the eyes. I have about 300 photos in RAW in my computer right now that needs to be looked at and sorted. Photographs make me smile, taking photos makes me the happiest. And I believe, every time John sees me out in my secret photographing room, and I catch him either laughing or smiling, I know he is happy... and he probably finds it really funny that I am so short I have to stand on a table just to be able to look into my viewfinder to take photos of food. : )

There's a few other things that makes John smile. I will share that soon as I am able to take photos of him doing the things he loves. 

So... What makes you smile?
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