Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take a Peek!

This [year] summer, we haven't done as much updating on our house as we did last year with my craft room. But still, we got something done. :) I have been waiting for this since the first day John and I stepped foot on this house. We both knew the minute we looked at it that the shag carpet needed to go... It was old, ugly and nasty! 

Just to give you an idea, [I cannot stand to look at this picture, but I will show you anyway] Here is a picture from fall 2009: 

Take note: Since I took this photo, we have had family over for dinners, had a new year's party, 
have had friends and their families over for other things, I have had sleep overs here with church youth. I really can't complain. My house is awesome as is. But you know some of these things needed to go!

Here's one of those gatherings we had last year. I remember there was a huge discussion about whether we should keep the paneling or not... but everybody agreed to get rid of the carpet! ;) The guy who stuck his foot out? We call him the Sermonator and he hates the flash. 

I know what you're thinking. Trust us, we were thinking the same thing, "Yuck!" John and I would joke to each other about it... One day he said, "Hey Vanessa, the 70's called and they want their shag carpet and paneling back!" However, the one thing we love about this house is the fact that IT IS OURS and we can do what we want with it. Buying a house I believe is the best investment decision a married couple will ever make. Many times have John and I almost resorted into renting, but our Aunt Betty would always talk us out of it, she always tells us, "You can't cash in on those rent receipts, honey! So be patient." And boy, is she right!!! 

I still have to decorate the walls, re-vamp the fireplace cover thingy [or whatever that thing is called] I don't like that brass finish on it, the ceiling needs to go, and I need to pick up a few knick knacks. But here's what it looks like now.

Don't judge, that oscillating fan is my best friend. I didn't know getting old came with being hot all the time even with the air at 72 degrees and the ceiling fan on! ; ) That ottoman by the blue chair is something from Aunt Betty. Her and her boyfriend  from years ago chopped off legs from an old library table and made a coffee table and this ottoman out of the parts. It used to have a shag carpet top, I recovered it yesterday.

Here's the other side. The photo is crooked I know. I am old and I can't see very good in the dark through my view finder, it sucks! 

Notice the green end table? That is not gonna be staying there. I painted that to use in my craft room. It just happened to be sitting there when I took the picture. I love that thing!!! And I have stuff to put on the walls, I just need to decide HOW I want them on there... That always takes me the longest. We decided to keep the paneling for now and painted over it and we will decide the next step when we get sick of it. That's how we roll around here... We live with stuff until we are so sick of them we can't stand them then we find a way to get rid of them. :) If you have noticed, the ceiling doesn't look as bad now that the walls are lighter than when it was just that scary wood color. But we are still getting rid of it. Period. 

I will show off my photo wall art when it's done or when I make up my mind, which might not be soon, but trust that it will happen. :) These small crafty projects and decorating shouldn't take long... Except that clean up and helping John transition into the new work environment is kind of priority right now. Yes, I am the cheerleader behind this very happy, handy man. 


Have a beautiful Tuesday!!! 

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