Friday, August 12, 2011

You are Not the Boss of Us... The Pets Are!

If there is anything that is entirely true that I will write in this blog, it is this: THE PETS ARE THE BOSS OF US. 

Their Christmas photo from 2 years ago, less Voodoo. He doesn't like sharing the spotlight.

John had one cat when we first got married. Then when I moved here, we got our dog, Iddy, the very spoiled dog. Six months after I moved, John and I started feeding this ugly neighborhood cat and we named her Chee-Chee. We wanted to keep her, but she was too much to contain. So we let her out to mingle and she got pregnant. Then out came Foozie, who looks just like Chee-Chee and Mr. Peapers who looks just like our neighbor's cat, who we called BABY DADDY because he was. There were two others but we only kept the one without a tail [Mr Peapers] and the ugly one [Foozie]. They are all inside cats. So they know nothing about how life is beyond the glass storm doors. Except for Voodoo, none of them even likes it when I take them out into the back porch. They are snooty like that, guess they think they are too sexy for the concrete floors. They prefer hard wood.

Since we moved them in with us, they have been the boss of everything. And they all love to lay on John's pillow and his side of the bed. They make the laundry basket their hiding place. Leave your chair for a second, and guess who takes over?

them taking over John's chair when we first moved in in our paneling-infested house. This has been remedied though. The paneling, is what I mean. The pets doing this, NEVER! lol

I lay my stuff out on my desk so I can organize them and guess who I found laying on everything?

And Foozie, she is hard to take a picture of because she is the snootiest ugliest cat ever existed. I think she has issues and she doesn't meow like a regular cat. She sounds like a baby coo-ing. 

They eat better than we do. Everything these cats eat have either fancy or fun on the label, while the stuff we eat either have trans fat or a ton of preservatives on the label! In the morning, they will wake me up so I can feed them. And every day when John gets home from work, they all have to be pet equally or they will get mad. They show it too. How about hair ball in your shoes in the morning? 

an Instagram photo of Foozie. These moments are rare!!!

You can never touch them or disturb them because John always says, "Do not disrupt the integrity of catties." Another thing I found, as much as I would love to have one of those kitchen faucets that you just tap to turn it on, I can't have that because Voodoo loves water. He can play with it all day, every day. He will have a jolly good time tapping that faucet and John may have to get a second job to pay that steep water bill. And he runs my blogging life too!!! Him and Iddy actually.

So yeah that's the break down of things. They are the boss. And we, well we are just the people they live with. LOL 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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