Saturday, August 20, 2011

Centralia Balloon Fest

Hey guys! It is balloon fest weekend here in my side of the world. :) John and I are crewing, well really John is part of the chase crew of the balloon that our church has sponsored this year, HUMPTY DUMPTY. I am part of the crew but all I do is take pics! I haven't gotten good shots of our balloon yet, but I have gotten a good shot of the others during the balloon glow last night. 

Balloon Glow 8/19/2011 at the Centralia Foundation Park.

this is Humpty Dumpty

this is one of the new ones [well, to us] we haven't seen this one before. I think they call it, Sea Creature.

there's John in the red shirt with Will and Ryan, two of the young members of the chase crew. And that's Charli holding the fan. Notice balloons are getting inflated in the background!!! 

Hope it stays nice all weekend so I can take more great pics and eat more greasy food and lemon shake-ups! I sure loved that giant tenderloin Sara and I had last night! : ) John just left to judge the annual balloon fest idol with Rod, a very good friend of ours and the pastor of worship at our church. I think they have 37 kids participating this year. 

Have a great weekend all!!!

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