About Us

We are The Randolphs, JOHN & VANESSA. We are both teachers but only John is practicing at the moment. :) Being that I, Vanessa, am a foreign educator and have acquired my education from a different country, it kind of took a while for me to be able to do anything. So since laws on my side of the US of A has just recently changed, we are currently working on me getting certified. However, being a housewife for four or five years has been wonderful. I have had the best time of my life being the wife to this wonderful man I married. 


We have a dog, Iddy and three cats, Voodoo, Mr. Peapers, and Foozie. They are as quirky and crazy as we are. They are so much fun to photograph.

While all that is going on, John and I are working on our house and watch too much DIY network, get involved at our church in our own ministries, hang out with friends, eat great food and have a great time. And we thank you that you have come to join us in our journey.

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