Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Coming Up!

Hey friends! I hope everyone's Monday is awesome! Mine, not so much... I have been doing a lot of planning and thinking in the past week and it has been a battle trying to shut my brain off. Seems like every where I look, I find something that I want to do. All weekend John has been working on the finishing the flooring in the other house, while I have been in the new house measuring, looking at fabric swatches, a possible "PLAN B" color palette, etc. etc.

Every house we've lived in [which is now up to four!], no matter how generic, no matter how full of character, John and I always make it a point to put our personal stamp on it. I have posted a ton of photos of the other house and my craft room here, here and everywhere else on the internet. I love stripes and my husband loves tray ceilings and hardwood floors. We have established in more than two or three posts [the fact] that I have been blessed with a very handy husband... He makes things possible around here. :)

In the new house, we figured, we don't need tray ceilings because we love our ceilings the way they are so we are just going to invest on some really pretty [we don't care if it wipes us out] crown molding all over the house. One thing we would love to do though is either this [beadboard]:

Or, this [board and batten]:

I think we are leaning towards the board and batten at the moment and we are going to do it in our kitchen right after we get the painter to come and paint the whole room for us. John and I have agreed the kitchen is beyond our painting abilities so we are going to hire a pro to do it. 

In the same way I also love pinch pleat drapes and I love toile fabrics. 

I'm not the best in sewing but I know I can make drapes and I know I can sew straight lines and could absolutely follow a sewing pattern to the T. So yes, that's what's going up on all of my windows. :) If we haven't said or showed it enough already, we are relentless at finding ways to get stuff done. If our wallet couldn't stomach the price tag of the particular thing we want, we find a way to learn how to make it ourselves. Most of the time, we always find that the stuff we make aren't too far off from what the store sells in the first place... only we didn't have to break the bank to get it. *winks*

Here's one more thing that we will do down the road...
We frequent Lumber Liquidators for this particular hand scraped hardwood floor. Isn't that floor on the photo gorgeous? We love the finish and the hand scraped texture! We have seen, touched and walked on it at their showroom. It is on the high end of our price range, but we are definitely investing on great, high quality wood floor. The floors in the new house are in pretty great shape so we have time  to save up for what we really want.

I guess one thing we learned in the how many home remodels we've done is to NEVER BE IMPULSIVE. SHOP IT/THEM! There has not been a major purchase made in any of our homes that we didn't debate on, or shopped for months and have changed our minds on a few times. And if it is a big ticket item, we never order them online unless we have seen it in person and have touched it and checked it out to prevent disappointments or frustrations later on. Patience [even how aggravated I get] is always a virtue. We promise.

See you all soon!!!

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