Thursday, January 12, 2012

UPDATED Subway {Randolph} Art

Hello all! I don't know about you, but I love pretty much everything I see on Pinterest. It has inspired me to do all kinds of things from paper crafting, sewing, home decorating, baking, etc etc... I could go on and on all day. I even enjoy reading all the funny quotes/sayings people post on there. :)

Do not quote me on this, but I believe subway art has been made more popular by Pinterest. I have seen loads and loads of them on the website. And, I love subway art... except that there is only a few on there that would actually apply to what I want in my home. But I have learned in the past few days that I don't really have to pay a ton of money for subway art or scour the earth for the one I want because I CAN MAKE ONE MYSELF.

... Well, I actually made three FOUR! Yes, four!


This first one isn't just a series of numbers. They are important dates for me and John. :) This is also Pinterest-inspired. I wanted to die-cut all the numbers, I've tried, but this font style is too dainty. It actually cut nicely on my machine but it's the adhering and the keeping it all straight and even that posed a huge challenge. So a poster print will have to do... for now, at least. 


I made this one [above] last night as John and I were watching TV in the living room. I told him, I want to make something/art that only makes sense to us. Something original. Something that I could post on Flickr or Pinterest that no one can copy but something that someone can draw inspiration from... How about I make something that [pretty much] has all the streets, towns, cities, and countries we've lived in. Obviously, we didn't put all of them in especially our college addresses. John and I moved so much in college! So we just picked out the most significant streets. 

Guess what, John and I both went to MSU. Different MSUs though... But we always thought it was cool that we were both from MSU. ;-) I told him when we first met that it must've been true what my parents always told me, "MSUans for MSUans". My parents are both {MSU} alumni, big frat people. My Dad was a history prof there for a while too before he decided he belonged to the city, being up on top of the hills in a college campus wasn't doing it for him. I was born in the campus. And here we are, John and I  both MSU people. Not frat people, but true blooded MSUans. :)
The one above, I actually found on Pinterest except I couldn't find a place that sold it. :( I was a little bummed, so I made it myself. I used a different font style on this. I cannot remember the name. But if you want it, shoot me up an email and I will gladly look for it and tell you. I am a font junkie. I go in font downloading spurts. I download at least 50 font styles at a time when these spurts strike.

I made this in honor of John's love for music. Music isn't only his livelihood, it is also his first love. I have seen him during marching season... His eyes glow when he is teaching his drum line. It's crazy how his demeanor and the expression on his face changes when he is teaching music/percussion.
I love these KEEP CALM... stuff! :) I made this one too. I am thinking about printing it in a large poster size to hang in my kitchen. I am planning on painting my kitchen yellow. This should go well with everything. :)

Can't wait to hang these pretties on my wall. I will be sharing pics. Promise.

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