Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My New Baby

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a great Christmas with your loved ones. John and I had a great one with our family here and on the other side of the world thru Skype.

As you all well know, we have moved... we have been gifted a house. So what I thought was going to be another thorn on my side became my new baby [project]. It was hard starting all over again [thus 'thorn on my side'], but I believe this is going to be fun. I think I just needed to get out of the bungalow mind set and get this new ranch home all put together. :) You all have seen my kitchen, here's my living/family room:


Since this photo was taken, we have taken down the border and painted the walls a light grey-ish blue.  It is from Sherwin Williams, called Rock Candy. It took us forever to decide whether we wanted to get new furniture or keep the ones that we already have. However, Christmas came and all the sales and doorbuster deals came up on my computer screen and then I decided, we are going to get a sofa and I am DIY-ing the wall art... and make it my new baby! It is my new bundle of joy.

We still have quite a ways to go but it is getting there. :) This room has so much wall space, it's not funny. John is working on containing the cords where the TV and the home theater system are. I will be sharing photos of the different other sides of the room when we get done with them.

We snagged the couch from Weekends Only the day after Christmas for a very very good, I can't pass it up kind of price. I don't normally get up early in the morning for ANYTHING, but I did for this one. That is how badly I wanted this family room put together. I spent $25 on the wall art. Did it all by myself with stuff I already have [except for the stretched and mounted canvas].

There is still lots to do... John and I have been busy bodies. During the day, he goes to our other house [the bungalow] to finish what we started there while I stay here [in the current house] and do what needs done here and make food... If there is one thing that never changes is John's appetite! LOL

Got so much to show you soon. We can't wait!

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