Monday, December 12, 2011

A Foodie's Kitchen {Doesn't Look Like This!}

Hey all! I hope all of you are keeping warm and not having sneezing fits like I've been the past couple of nights... Or have not hurt your backs like John has. It's just crazy. Yesterday at church, Quinton and a couple other guys were telling John to go to the chiropractor so he can get his back pain figured out. Not that this is something new, John has always had back problems from drumming... Those drums weigh a ton! Then a few hours later, I get a text from my friend Sara telling me that her hubby, Quinton our pastor and very very good friend, hurt his back too so we had to cancel the youth meeting. LOL Those two hurting is no laughing matter, but we have all been realizing how old we are... our conversations are starting to revolve around doctors, chiropractors and medication, and that is is a laughing a matter. We are starting to talk like old people! LOL

Well, today, I have to say, I did a thorough sweeping and dusting of the whole house and I am very proud of myself. I am not tired yet, and my hips aren't hurting. And I got done in an hour! The last time I did this, it took me almost 2 hours. So that's a good thing. I have to admit though that this wall vacuum system we have has helped a lot. I have been so used to pushing and pulling a heavy upright sweeper for years, it feels sooo good not to be doing that anymore. :)

When I got done sweeping and dusting all rooms, I was looking at my house with so much pride while patting myself on the shoulder. ;) I'd like to show you all my kitchen... [while it's still intact]. It is getting ready to get discombobulated because I am getting ready to make supper and a couple Christmas goodies. Notice the stuff on the island?


I am not about to chug two bottles of Guiness Extra Stout beer. I am getting ready to make something tasty out of them today if I have the time. The other stuff on there are two huge bags of Ghirardelli chocolate and 2 small bags of the same and a sack of almonds for making macarons. 

This kitchen never stays sparkly and shiny like this. And I have left the post-its on the cabinet doors because John still couldn't find stuff. And I do not like listening to cabinet doors slamming every time he is in the kitchen looking for something.


The dessert keeper is empty. There used to be cupcakes in there but they are all gone.


I could only wish my kitchen could stay spotless like this... but I am one of those foodies who can't sit still when there is nothing baking in the oven or something bubbling over on the stove.There is always flour on my cabinet pulls and there is tapioca spilled all over the lazy susan! I couldn't help it. But I am savoring this very moment of spotlessness because I know it won't last long. lol


My pink room is still a work in progress. We are going to wait until after the holidays to pick out furnishings for that room. I couldn't wait to start crafting in there and entertaining girl friends in that room. I have such big plans for it.


You don't have to tell me, the appliances need to be updated. But they still work... Until these babies quit, we are not replacing them. They work perfectly... except I know that I need a bigger, roomier fridge. And the one I want has a price tag of NOT CHEAP. So, we may save up for it for a few months before getting one. We are not big fans of financing stuff if we could help it. We like peace of mind and happiness. :)

Now that I have shown it off, I get to douse my kitchen with milk and flour. :) 

See you all later. I do have supper to make!!!

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