Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Christmas Cards

I don't normally send out Christmas cards... but this year, I am going to do it. I may mail some of them but the bulk of it will be sent electronically. :)

I wanted so much to send everybody something handmade. However, time just slipped away... [and we are moving!] So I had to get creative. And think quick! I wanted to send everyone a piece I made or put together, [but I thought] it didn't have to be a handmade card either.

Instead of making everyone a card, after I put my white tree together the other night, I decided I would take a million random photos of it and choose two to send out. I have a themed tree each year. One year, I did blue on white. I have done red on white. I have gone multi-colored.


This year, I wanted to do white on white, silver on white and blue on white. All of those together results into this fresh-looking, merry and bright tree! I LOVE IT! I stare at it in the morning when I get up and at night when I light it up.

Here are my cards!


That's my reflection on the ornament. I didn't notice me on there until I uploaded it on flickr. John says it looks intentional. At any day, I would say I intended to put me in there, but honestly, this time I didn't. My eyes are so bad I don't see very good with the view finder at night. So I had no idea I was in it when I took the photo.


In exactly ten minutes, I had a card for every person I know. I am so patting myself on the back right now. LOL And yes, I timed myself! Now if only I could get caught up in everything else. I still have to go get my sister's camera but of course I haven't gone out of town in what feels like forever and that is where it is... I have to pick out a couple furniture pieces for my living room so I can get rid of this squeaky clean but frat house-ish look at the moment. LOL

I tell ya, this has been the busiest we've ever been! This is our fourth house, but we have not been so tired like we are this time. We have less stuff now too, because we have let go of a lot when we bought the other house. And moving in the dead coldest time of fall is nothing new to us, we have always moved at the most inconvenient, coldest, windy-est, stormy-est time of the year. That's just always the way it's been! Thank God for friends who [after a little bit of arm-twisting and bribing] have helped us and moved us every single crazy time. :) 

Speaking of GREAT FRIENDS, I do have treat boxes and cookie tins to fill!!! Gotta dash!

Stay warm friends!

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