Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Door


John and I have been wondering what the heck is wrong with this door and it won't look good [to us] no matter what we do with it. We have argued and brainstormed over this door more than three times in the past how many months but still haven't come to an answer. I have wiped this big giant door over and over and have ran through painting it with different colors in my head but I still don't think that will fix that.

We don't have any idea what to do with this door. Scratch replacing this monster. We are not getting rid of it because it is a heavy wood door... Good quality heavy doors are rare these days and if you find them anywhere, they are expensive.

Tonight, John installed the trim I painted a couple of days ago. It was all up in less than an hour. If there is anything my husband will not say no to, it is the opportunity to plug in those big boy tools! I like them too... but not as much as he does.




And Voila!!! I hope we figure out what we need to do to this door to make it pretty in our eyes. It works to our advantage that our neighbor is a pro in refinishing wood furniture and he adores me and John. He has been truthful and has been so encouraging and has taught John a few carpentry tricks during this whole process. He fixed my closet doors when John did a mis-cut. So we will ask his opinion next time we see him.


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