Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Randomness

September is gone. September has been a really great month, but I'm glad that October is here and so is fall! It is one of my favorite seasons because it brings with it a lot of promise... cool, perfect temperatures, leaves turning beautiful colors and Halloween.  It also ushers in two of my most favorite holidays... Thanksgiving and Christmas! :)

I/We have made a couple of changes in the new house... John is busy percussioning [no that's not a word, I totally made that up!] so I have been pretty much pulling off every project that's been done here all by myself but that's okay. He's doing what he loves and I'm doing the same. It's all fair. John doesn't like to paint, and I don't know one thing about the drums. So, it works. :)

This week has been a pretty easy week. My kitchen is all painted, this was the part we were dreading the most because of the wallpaper, but after a couple of hiccups, it all turned out to be okay. And I love my kitchen more than ever. We just need to accessorize at this point. John didn't have rehearsals in the evening, so I have been enjoying having him around and not zooming in and out of the door right after supper to go to practice.

I've been taking lots of random photos. I've missed my camera.


Meet my coffee cup. This was a gift from John. I use it every day. It reminds me how he knows I'm not the girl that will whine to him about wanting a tennis bracelet from Kay Jewelers for Valentine's Day or an LV or a Coach or a pair of Jimmy Choo's. It doesn't take much to bribe me... like how this coffee cup did the trick! :) However, I do prefer to pick my own purse out and my shoes and I'm not that into jewelry.


And here's my sweetums. :) He has been looking at getting a vintage car to tinker with... Since he has quit smoking, he has been looking for stuff to do. I guess he has finally realized that since he doesn't have to be constantly going in and out of the house during his "stogie" breaks or have to find a secluded place for said breaks at work, he needs something to keep him busy. I'm really happy for him and it is a great breakthrough that he finally quit that deadly habit and leave all of that behind him.



We have been doing lots of putting our feet up this week and lots of me and him time. :)


I also get in the I'm-gonna-bake-a-ton-of-treats kind of mood. But, I am a baker, a foodie, and an enabler to my friends' cravings, so treats are nothing new in this house and it all gets shared.


And this crazy mess, is called Iddy. :) She is our baby. John got her for me when I first moved here to keep me company when he is off to work... She sure has been tons helpful. She also likes taking over my chair every chance she gets. What a brat! lol


Lastly, I am so glad I can actually sit down and play with my camera again, and be in my pajamas before 7 PM and not feel bad for it. At all.

We love these down times. We take it all as a blessing. We live it to the fullest. The way we look at it, time is precious and life is too short to be wasting it all.

Have a great weekend all! :)

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