Monday, February 27, 2012

Our/My Week In Photos


Hello all! Happy happy Monday! I have had the most interesting [last] week. I wouldn't say it was busy, it's just been a very productive, fun week. Seems like this has been the most productive winter I have had since I moved to this side of the world... It's been unusually warm and pretty here. So all the yard work that I usually wait to do in the spring have all been done last week! This is exciting for me because this only means, more time to plan and do new things in the backyard. There are spring perennials that have come up in the front and it is worrying me a bit, it's just too soon for them to be sprouting... but on the one hand, there really is nothing I can do to stop them! I did yard work in the middle of February on a warm windy 58-degree day and no one could've stopped me from doing that either. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was all over the backyard picking up and trimming. Finally got to do the roses. Trimmed them and gave them some attention. I think I did good except that I totally scraped myself in the process.


Then Wednesday evening John comes home from work sick with the flu. :'( I felt so bad for him. He was achey all over and looked awful! He didn't even eat much of what I fixed that night... So the next evening [Thursday], I made him some homemade chicken noodle soup and my Mom's Creme Caramel cake. 

IMAG1085-1 IMAG1084 custard_cake2 

Friday, I started on our friend, Chris' Grandma's birthday. Chris is a very very good friend of ours. :) He is the youngest amongst all of us... and he is our little brutha from another mutha. He had spoken to me about his Grandma's 92nd birthday months ago and asked if I'd make a cake for her. And I said, "Sure! That's easy." But if you know me and my friends, we always start with easy then end up in complicated prettiness. It's like when we plan low-key dinners, it always ends up to be either a huge buffet or a full out sit down 3-course dinners. I don't think we can ever pull off SIMPLE. lol

I have made a ton of different stuff since Chris and I had talked and since, the list of things to make for his Grandma's birthday has grown too... from just a birthday cake, he ends up asking me to make cupcakes, and the raspberry cake pops I made for Superbowl Sunday.  :) But I did pull it off. I even managed to develop a new recipe... Fresh Orange Cupcakes! Here's proof!




I will share the recipe for the Orange Cupcakes soon in the other blog when I get all of the stuff written down and ready for sharing. :) I am thinking of making it again to make sure my proportions were right. The cakes were a hit at the party!!! But I would like to add more freshness, more of that orange in there. 


Here are some snapshots I took at the party: 


This is Chris, his 92-year old Grandma [the birthday girl] and his Dad.


There's Chris again with his fiancee, Julie. The minute she was introduced to us, we knew she would fit right into this crazy bunch. :) They got engaged over Christmas 2011 and they are getting married in April next year and I am making their wedding cake! We are all so excited for the two of them because we love them both and there is nothing more joyous than seeing two people in love and making things work. We don't get to see Julie much because of her schedule as an RN. But she joins us when she could. 

So that was my week. And today is Monday, and other than a baby shower on Sunday, I don't see anything else major that's gonna happen this week. :) I am crossing my fingers!

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