Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Are Moving... Again!


Two years after we purchased our yellow house, John and I got a text from his parents saying that their house is ours if we wanted it... I wish I could've taken a picture of our faces. We were in different places when we got the text messages... But I am pretty sure, we had the same expression on our faces and I am sure we said the same thing, "WHAT?!" 

Apparently, they have been discussing this a while with Aunt Betty. Guess it finally made sense and they finally all admitted to each other that there was no way they will be able to go through selling the house to a total stranger. So they took it off the market, discussed the details, gave us the keys, and said, "Knock yourselves out, kids! You deserve it!"

So here we go again... Packing our bags... Loading my whole kitchen in an itty bitty car... Moving... Again! There is not much to change in this house other than it needs fresh paint. I have managed to move my kitchen by myself, a few trips at a time. I was itching to cook in this kitchen to get rid of that empty house smell. I hate that! The house has been on the market for about a year, and it has been sitting empty for about 9 months... So I have been baking and cooking and have had all my tart warmers going for about 2 weeks now [in this kitchen] and it is now smelling like people actually live in it. [picture of the kitchen above]

I don't have pictures to share yet, but I should be able to post some soon. John's schedule has been so tight because of marching band season, he has not been able to do anything but eat what's being cooked in that kitchen. LOL And the MIL and I have been busy with our 87-year-old Aunt Betty keeping her on track with doctor visits and the other things she needs done. Old age and Alzheimer's aren't being nice to her these days so we make sure that we help her remember important dates and make sure she takes her meds on time at the right time. So other than my kitchen, nothing much has been moved at this point. 

There is really no hurry. The only thing is, the sooner we put our current home on the market, the sooner it will sell. :) And the sooner we take out unnecessary furniture out of it, the sooner we can clean the whole house up and prep it for stage-ing to get it ready to show. 

I'm not too worried about the house we are moving into. It is move in ready. Funny thing is, almost all our furniture came from that house, so I know I will have no trouble getting them back in there. In a year or so, I know John will find something he will want to re-do. :) My husband never sits down, and he is never content. He is always out there looking for a good DIY challenge. 

So, til the next post, folks!!! 

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