Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Quick Kitchen Update

We took a trip to Chicago last week and had a great time up north. They don't call it the windy city for nothing! But we had a fantastic time. It was a well-deserved break. :)

While we were there, we went to Ikea and a few other places for inspiration. There are these two spots in our kitchen that have looked lonely since we painted the walls. This trip has at least fixed one spot.


Everything in this spot wasn't all bought at the same time... Most of them we've picked up in the past couple of months. John did most of the work here. I am mostly in charge of the finishing touches and the shake and bake helper. [a.k.a. I help hold stuff up, and the clean up crew, photographer] and like John calls me the 'enjoyer' of it all. LOL


Don't try this at home! Make sure that where you work is free and clear of stuff that could fall or break! We put the jars on the one shelf to test how it will hold up to the weight we are putting on it. We did pick up metal brackets to install in the center of each shelf if it sagged any but it's holding up just fine.

Honestly, it is a team effort. We both have roles we play in the DIY messes we get ourselves into. My craft room hasn't been looking too nice since I started the kitchen project. There's always a crafty project being made in there it seems like, but I can't complain... There is not a better feeling than seeing a project or projects to the finish. John and I have done quite a few and when the results surpass our expectations, it feels even better. We love a good DIY challenge.


And here it is [photo above]. It took less than a week to put this whole thing together. But today, I was looking at the one empty spot under the first shelf and added the blocks with the numbers on them. This project cost me $0. I had all the supplies and it took no time to make.

The blocks are about 5.5 inches tall and approximately 4 inches wide. They are leftover plywood blocks from when John built floating shelves for our old house, and I got lucky because all four happened to be the same exact size! Then I got out some paint out of my stash, did a little sanding and my blocks were ready for the vinyl stencils I cut with my Silhouette and went to town. Fifteen minutes later, they were ready to hang! I used Command strips to mount them on the wall. After patching the 40,000 screw holes I found while painting the kitchen, I lost all desire to drill any holes on any of my walls. So no matter how expensive, I get the 3M stuff when I hang decor on the wall because they do my walls no harm. They also save me an extra step [patching holes] when I decide to change things up. :)

I didn't make the sign at the very top. John got that for me. And I am pretty sure he paid too much for it. LOL He is a sweetie and he will do anything for me except stencil or paint. He hates painting.
NOTE: Remember to always use your level to make sure your wall hangings aren't mounted crooked.

Here's more photos...



I love how everything can be seen and be pretty at the same time. I love clear glass jars/containers. They make every day stuff look nice. They make me smile. Below is our happy red buy from our trip that is now home to our K-cups and loose stuff that used to just lay in random drawers and places in our kitchen. Now they have a home. Everything is in its place and now that our Keurig is off the counter, I will have more room to work.


I love how cheery these cups are, too! They came with the new set of dishes we just recently got to replace the old Pfaltzgraff set we've had for a long time.


And here she is all done! I may change up a few things or add a thing or two in the next couple of weeks but she is done. :)


'Til next time,

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